Connect all your things, this is Internet of Things, simplified.

IoT starts with ACTE Connect, the easy way to create your digital transformation into "Industri 4.0". We offer end-to-end solutions including hardware from your IoT "thing" including connectivity to BigData

It's about turning data into business value

Spend less time worrying about the techonlogy and more focusing on your business.

Device Management

The 'thing' in IoT can be anything, a car, a plant or even an animal. No matter what it is, we'll take care of the device for you.

IoT-Service Bootstraping

We have a standard range of services, however, new services can be bootstraped within literally no time at all.


We'll gather a lot of data, and we take the transformation of data into business value for you really seriously.


Setup alerts and notifications to be triggered based on your data, setting up these rules are as easy as 1-2-3.

Become more profitable with handcrafted reliable IoT-Services

It's all about becoming more profitable. We are dedicated to IoT for just your market and target audience to find the perfect IoT-solution that matches exactly your needs. It's not about becoming a technology company, it's about becoming more effective by connecting your business.

The time for IoT is now

Did you know that by year 2020 there will be more than 50 billion connected devices.

Everything you need to turn your connect your business. Don't lean back, IoT is now.

The profits are expected to increase by an average of 21% percent by year 2020 for companies investing resources in the Internet of Things. Don't miss this race.

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You can literally connect anything, and everything.

ACTE Connect support all kinds of sensors, devices and are built fully dynamic to adapt quickly to changes. To the left is a chart of the average Temperature (red) and Relative Humidity (blue) from 7 out of 12 months year 2015 at our office. Customize your dashboards to make it a truly personal experience, you want to look at your information in your way and we've done everything to support that. Lines, areas, pies, we've all the charts you can imagine.

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It just works, everywhere.

Everything is accessible from everywhere on all kinds of devices. Use the app on the go to have intstant access to your IoT-services at your fingertips.

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You'll be impressed

ACTE Connect is the most complete toolbox for the Internet of Things.

Have full control over your devices, easily track down devices with problems and fix them immediately.

Setting up and configuring new devices is simple yet functionally very comprehensive. See online status about your terminals in real time and troubleshoot issues on devices to solve them rapidly. There's a lot of remote actions that can be executed on the devices, such as 'restart', 'update firmware' and much more. Device management with ACTE Connect gives you the ultimate insights and monitoring for all your devices, and it's all remotely from the portals and app.

Bootstrap new high-quality IoT-services in no time

Ship out new IoT-services rapidly, setting up the structure and purpose of the services is incredible simple. The platform comes with a broad range of included services ranging from positioning to remote control.

Control every detail

Manage what information that can be sent to and from your IoT-services. Define your dataset and service functions easily. The system automatically calculates the expected data volume needed to consume the services.

Perfectly customized

We want to give you the ability to make every service completely unique to match your requirements. Reinvent, update or change your services whenever you like, the APIs for the services and automatically adapted.

Bring data to life

Forget about the data, we'll help you focus on what matters to you. Visual charts, reports and dashboards using rich analytics gives you all the insights that you need, in one place. We will identify and spot trends before and as they happen.

Never miss a thing

Using realtime notifications and alerts you can make sure that you never miss a critical moment. Setup the notification rules and trigger easily to get started immedietly.

Amazingly easy to use

Setting up triggers for your alerts and notifications is super simple, choose which parameters that are critical and setup a range, e.g.
"alert me when temperature is below 15°C".

Whenever and wherever you are

We support notificating and alerting in any form to make sure that you always receive the alerts in realtime. We can send you notifications and alerts using Email, SMS, App Push Notifications and WebHook.

Management Portal

In the Management Portal you can manage and take care of everything that has to do with your organization, devices, services, apps and billing. The portal provides a comprehensive interface for managing your entire IoT-environment in one place.

Customer Portal

In the Customer Portal you can view rich reports, charts and analytics on the data provided by all your devices among your IoT-services. This place will help you transforming service data sent from your devices and sensors into valueable business information.

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49 kr/month


Climate and Weather measurement
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Emissions Monitoring
  • Alarms via Email and SMS
  • Support via email
  • Support via phone

89 kr/month


Trace your things
  • Cell ID Location Tracking
  • Cell ID Location Tracing
  • Geofence Notifications
  • Support via email
  • Support via phone

99 kr/month

SmartTrack Pro

Trace your things
  • GPS Location Tracking
  • GPS Location Tracing
  • Geofence Notifications
  • Support via email
  • Support via phone

99 kr/month


Keep track of your car
  • Location Track & Trace
  • Car Status
  • Geofence Notifications
  • Support via email
  • Support via phone

149 kr/month

SmartCar Pro

Monitor your car
  • Location Track & Trace
  • Car Status
  • Green Driving
  • Driver Log
  • Overspeeding Alarm
  • Support via email
  • Support via phone

199 kr/month


Monitor your fleet
  • Location Track & Trace
  • Truck Status
  • Green Driving
  • Driver Log
  • Fleet Management
  • Support via email
  • Support via phone

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With dashboards inside the app you have the IoT-services with you no matter where you are. The mobile app can also be used as a terminal itself so you can take use of the inbuilt GPS, Accelerometer and Compass. Super easy!

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Device Management

Mange your devices, right at your fingertips. See the health of your devices in realtime.


Interact with your services, i.e. explore a chart of the energy consumption in your smart home or turn on the lights in the garage.

Real Time Notifications

Your alerts and notifications will be delivered as push notifications to the app, never miss anything.